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MPXfuel is a line of small sets of samples specially prepared for your AKAI MPX8. Each set consists of 8 to 10 unique samples that come in ready to play kits. No additional tweaking, equalization, panning needed. Just copy the kit into your AKAI and have fun playing.

Additional content

Each MPXfuel set comes also with patches that enable you to use this sample packs out of the box in your MPC1000 (or other MPC from this line), Ableton Live “Impulse”, Native Instrument Kontakt and Battery.

Why MPXfuel?

There is a billion samples on the internet ;) and you can already build a great kit by yourself. But most of the available sounds need your preparation. You have to equalize the samples. It’s also good to think how long release you really need on each sample. Size of the sample really matters. It’s good to choose which of your samples should be stereo and which mono. Loading time on MPX8/MPC series is crucial! And stereo samples load longer.

All that preparation process consumes time. Beside that it’s not always obvious who has “rights” to some of the sounds found on the internet ;)

About the Sounds

All MPXfuel sounds are made and/or recorded by me. There is no unknown source, no double reusing of samples, like it sometimes happens in other commercial products (for example, the „amen break”, used without permission for years). The samples are either field-recorded and transformed or they are synthesized using my synthesizers or effects. The equalization is made precisely, cutting the unneeded frequencies from each sample individually. It’s good to remember that each sample needs its own equalization. You cannot use batch processing and global adjustment for all of your samples in the set. The sounds are not overcompressed so you can add your own articulation to them and easily use your own compression in mixes and on stage. Some of the samples use hold option to get longer reverb releases included in the samples. This way you can mimic the lack of choke option in MPX8 and get additional pseudo-reverb effects.


Sounds on Commissions

You want your own unique MPXfuel, MPC, blofeld, battery, kontakt, reason, reaktor, absynth, ableton live drum rack, what ever ;) instruments/ effects? Do you have in mind some kind of instrument that will give you additional pallete of sounds? Or maybe you need a special inspirational incentive? Something that will be exceptional and easy to play with. Just write to me and we can talk about private commision on sound. I will help you choose the right platform to materialize your sound and instrument ideas. I will guide you through setup and help you achieve good vibe playing it live. I take private commissions for sound and instrument design for most of the software out there and some of the hardware I own myself or have easy access to :)


Latest Videos

by Kacper and Crew


  1. MPXfuel-Amorphius_01 // Amorphius
  2. MPXfuel-Amorphius_02 // Amorphius
  3. MPXfuel-Amorphius_03 // Amorphius
  4. MPXfuel-Amorphius_04 // Amorphius
  1. MPXfuel-Contrastive_01 // Contrastive
  2. MPXfuel-Contrastive_02 // Contrastive
  3. MPXfuel-Contrastive_03 // Contrastive
  4. MPXfuel-Contrastive_04 // Contrastive
  1. coding – project nord – beta mix // ep01
  2. coding – phrase // coding - ep01
holy danceicon-download
  1. coding-01-dance_one // coding - 01 dance one
  2. coding-02-dance_two // coding - 02 dance two
  3. coding-03-dance_three // coding - 03 dance three
  4. coding-04-dance_four // coding - 04 dance four
  5. coding-05-dance_six // coding - 05 dance six
  6. coding-06-goodbay_dance // coding - 06 goodbay dance
coding – phrase // coding - ep01
  1. coding – phrase // coding - ep01
  2. coding – project nord – beta mix // ep01